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Generate custom Rubik's cube visualisations from your browser address bar.


Simply point your browser to visualcube.php to create a cube image.
A range of parameters can be set to customise the cube visualisation.
Click the link below for an example:


The following images were generated by VisualCube.

Example 0 Example 1 Example 2 Example3 Example4
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To Do

The following features/bug fixes are planned for the future (ordered by priority).

Source Code

The source code for this script is available under the GNU Lesser General Public License at


VariableDescriptionValue RangeDefaultComment
.script extension .png | .gif | .jpg | .svg | .tiff | .ico .svg The extension used in the script url dictates the format of the image generated. For example: visiting /visualcube.jpg will create a jpeg image.
fmtImage Format png | gif | jpg | svg | tiff | ico svg Used as an alternative to using an image extension as above.
pzlPuzzle Type1 to 103 Values from N=(1 to 10) represent an NxNxN cube. Currently only regular cubes are modelled
sizeSize of generated image0 to 1024128 Images produced are square, so size specifies both width and height of the final image in pixels.
viewSpecial Viewplan|trans  The view parameter allows special views to facilitate interpretation of different case aspects.
plan rotates cube to expose U face, while showing the sides of the top layer
trans sets the cube base colour to transparent, and hides any masked or undefined faces
stageStage Mask ( fl | f2l | ll | cll | ell | oll | ocll | oell | coll | ocell | wv | vh | els | cls | cmll | cross | f2l_3 | f2l_2 | f2l_sm | f2l_1 | f2b | line | 2x2x2 | 2x2x3 )-?[xyz2']*   Sets parts of the cube to be masked from being coloured. The stage identifier is optionally followed by a rotation algorithm. For example: stage=cross-x2 would rotate the cross mask so that the cross appears on the U-layer rather than the D-layer
rRotation Sequence([xyz]-?[0-9][0-9]?[0-9]?)+y45x-34 Each entry in the sequence is an axis (x, y or z), followed by the number of degrees to rotate in a clockwise direction. Negative values are permitted. Any number of rotations is possible.
State Definitions
algAlgorithm to apply[UDLRFBudlrfbMESxyz'2 ]*  The system applies the algorithm to the cube and displays the resulting state.

NOTE: Currently unavailable for 4x4 cubes or above
caseAlgorithm to solve case[UDLRFBudlrfbMESxyz'2 ]*  The system displays the cube state which is solved by applying the algorithm (algorithm inverse).

NOTE: Currently unavailable for 4x4 cubes or above
fdFacelet Definition[udlrfbnot]* uuuuuuuuu rrrrrrrrr fffffffff ddddddddd lllllllll bbbbbbbbb Defines the cube state in terms of facelet positions. u stands for a 'U' facelet (and likewise with rfdlb). Defining a cube state using this method means the cube will be coloured according to the scheme defined by the sch variable. Three special characters are used to indicate the following:
n: This is a blank face (coloured grey)
o: This is an 'oriented' face (coloured silver)
t: This is a transparent face, and will not appear on the cube
fcFacelet Colours[ndlswyrobgmpt]* yyyyyyyyy rrrrrrrrr bbbbbbbbb wwwwwwwww ooooooooo ggggggggg Defines the cube state in terms of facelet colours, as an alternative to using fd. fc takes precedence over fd if both are defined.

See the 'sch' variable below for an explanation of the colour codes.
Cube Style
schColour Scheme [ndlswyrobgmp]*6


Comma separated list containing 6x one of:
black | dgrey | grey | silver | white | yellow | red | orange | blue | green | purple | pink | [0-9a-fA-F]*3 | [0-9a-fA-F]*6
yrbwog The order of the colours specified represent the faces in this order:


The letters used in shorthand notation map to the generic face colours as follows: n=black (noir), d=dark grey, l=light grey, s=silver (lighter grey), w=white, y=yellow, r=red, o=orange, b=blue, g=green, m=purple (magenta), p=pink, t=transparent

Where longhand notation is used, 3 or 6-digit hex codes can be used to specify the exact colour. for example C80000 would be a dark red colour.
bgBackground Colour of image[ndlswyrobgmpt]


black | dgrey | grey | silver | white | yellow | red | orange | blue | green | purple | pink | [0-9a-fA-F]*3 | [0-9a-fA-F]*6
whiteThe value t represents transparent, and is only valid for png and gif images.
ccCube Coloursee aboveblackThis is the cube's base colour.
coCube Opacity0 to 99100 Setting this value causes the base cube to be transparent. It means facelets at the back of the cube will also be rendered. A value of 0 gives complete transparency.
foFacelet Opacity0 to 99100 Setting this value causes the facelets to be rendered with transparency.
distProjection Distance1 to 1005 Controls the distance of the cube from the perspective of the viewer.
Added Features
arwArrow Definition Comma separated list in the form:


Where <a_x> is: [URFDLB][0-9]+

And: <colour> is as defined in the 'sch' variable.
-i10-s10 Defines a list of arrows to be drawn on the cube.

Each arrow is defined with a minimum of two sticker identifiers to indicate where it should be drawn from and to. The optional third sticker identifier indicates which sticker it should pass through if a curved arrow is to be drawn. Arrows may be scaled so that they fall short, or past the centre of each facelet by specifying the s (scale) parameter after a dash. Where curved arrows are drawn the degree to which the arrow deviates from a straight path can be specified via the i (influence) parameter. Arrows may also optionally be assigned individual colours, by using a - followed by a colour code.

Example:   arw=U0U2,U2U8,U8U0,R6R2R0-s8-i5-yellow

The above example draws 4 arrows. The first three use default colour and scale and point to stickers on the U-face. The fourth arrow points from sticker #6 to sticker #2 on the R-face, and is curved so that it passes through sticker #0. The arrow is slightly shortened to 8/10 of its full length, and the influence of the pass through sticker in generating the curve is set to 5/10.
acDefault Arrow Colour[ndlswyrobgmp]


black | dgrey | grey | silver | white | yellow | red | orange | blue | green | purple | pink | [0-9a-fA-F]*3 | [0-9a-fA-F]*6
greyArrows will be this colour by default, unless overridden by a colour specified for each arrow in the arw variable.

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